Saturday, 26 September 2015

Mynydd Garthmyn

If you've decided to go walking in somewhere called Mynydd Garthmyn then it sounds like you're probably gonna need a decent map right? Yeh well we've got one this time after the recent lost in the woods episode and set out with a proper walking book which according to amazon is rated 5/5 (from 2 reviews) so there's no ****ing way we can get lost and argue about who's fault it is this time!

28 May 2013 said:
"Great product really has tipped me of where to go nice and easy to use, great to get t know an area" 5/5
So we're trusting you Katie!!!

Now as it happens we did 'get lost' and we did argue BUT I'm holding my hands up here and admitting that having bought the book you might as well actually read it!   And after a couple of hours meandering I actually studied the instructions and the map properly and we got unlost, got on the right route and had a lovely time (once we'd cleared the air).

View from near summit of Mynydd Garthmyn
nice photo but zoom in and you will notice Bec isn't happy at this point, we're "lost" and here's me pissing about taking photos.

I tried to take this at an angle to make it look steep (it wasn't)
Great view. looked even better in real life. wish i was there again.

oh, there I am, what a dickhead
it's dead :-(
Capel Garmon Burial chamber
Bec, chillin out at a 4000 year old burial chamber
Capel Garmon Burial chamber
Capel Garmon Burial chamber

The map

the view's better up here Bec! Can you see over that wall?
It's that way

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