Friday, 25 September 2015


WARNING!  Some of, or probably most of the videos in this blog post may offend people like my parents, especially you mum, my trouble and strife (yes you Bec), possibly Jonny's Brain's number one groupie Joanne aka The Mulette, and hopefully my aunties will never read this anyway.  After that if you're offended by swearing, sexual crudeness, male chauvinism, toilet humour and so on then you have been warned so if you watch it and don't like it you can f*** off!

This first one's for you Dad, you may not like the swearing in it but I know you have a strong dislike of goons and the general unwashed public getting in your way and enforcing their irritating personal habits on you in public places.  This product could solve all that.....The Strutter Bubble! (maybe don't watch the rest of the vids though)

This next one's interesting, this is where it potentially gets more offensive to the ladies.
I present to you The Struttergear Whores Box

This next one's for you Gaz.  Next time we go off for a big night out in the city we're staying here, The Strutter Inn

Matt, I've got you one of these for your birthday, a Struttergear Pissknife! Hope you like it..... 

And Rob, for Xmas do you fancy a Struttergear Grope Suit?  I reckon you'd get some use out of this.....

Finally, to the man who introduced me to the Struttergear range of products, this ones dedicated to you Scott.....

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