Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Last days.....but where next?

27 October 2015

As good as yoga was yesterday I couldn't drag myself out of bed this morning, I needed a bit more sleep.  There's just today and tomorrow left in Bali and I don't think we'll really be doing any activities other than beach and food and quiet time so it's nearly time to sign the journals off as thoughts of boring stuff start creeping back into mind, you know like what time shall we taxi to the airport, have I got enough clean shirts ready for going back to work.
We're going back to the hotel to say goodbye to Amanda in a few hours and then it's just Becci and myself in Bali. 
We've seen some incredible sights in Indonesia such as Borodubur a true wonder of the world, Prambanan temple complex and Mount Bromo volcano.  The Indonesian people are lovely, in two and a half weeks I still have not encountered a local who has been grumpy/angry/annoyed/confrontational, it's difficult to find anyone without a smile on their face, the world could learn so much from their attitude to life but unfortunately never will, I will try to though and maybe spread some Indonesian spirit back home. We've had to travel a lot in a short space of time to experience these things but the positives outweigh this.  And the group of fellow travellers we spent 10 days with got on so well that by the end, in the words of Bettina "we became a big family".  We had some great experiences and super fun times together, many  thanks and best wishes to you all if you ever read this!

28 October 2015
Bali.  Last day in Indonesia.

Made it to the beach for a yoga class at 7.30am.  Quite different to the previous one, there were around 30 people rather than just Bec and me and the teacher who seems to be quite a yoga master speaks only in Indonesian and warms up for the class by casually balancing on his head.  The class is fairly easy to follow even in Indonesian I got most of it but when trying a couple of his poses towards the end such as balancing on one leg whilst holding the other leg straight and up above his head I think I found the limit of my flexibility and balance even for my rubber legs.  Another day of beaching it, back to pack our bags, great meal at small place called Little Thai, one last Bintang beer and off we go for our flights home.
Shortlist for next year's trip;
Nicaragua, Myanmar, Peru, Philippines, Ecuador, Bhutan.....

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