Friday, 22 April 2016

Thingy's Malta Photos

Having lived in Malta for 5 years Rob was able to enjoy the best 2 and a half days he's ever ever had there due to my official visit.  So the previous post was my photos, here's part two with thingy's ones.....

drinking beer at the pub where Oliver Reed died of a heart attack due to drinking too much beer or maybe it was a bad pint.  It's probably fine now.
look at this
in a big massive cave where everyone in Malta used to live before houses were invented
looking at the blue grotto with Mark

this is what we could see
thingy and me

admiring the masonry at Ħaġar Qim done by some clever dudes 5000 years ago
is someone else gonna take over or what?  i can't fucking hold it much longer!
the perfect location to eat a strawberry
just levitating a bit..... as you do
bloody people, always in the way wherever you go, let's all get in the way and look over here and take up all the space so that nobody else can see properly.  Sod it, come on Rob, let's go.....
oh yes, the fire damaged flat.  Yes let's finish things off with some photo's of the wreckage
what a mess!  good job it's not my house!
we nearly died here but still smiling!
you've gotta laugh i suppose
.....So in summary Malta was pretty good yeh.  I suppose I should think of going over there again sometime but let's not have any fires next time.

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