Friday, 15 April 2016

A trip to Malta to see thingy

went to Malta see this person
Me in Valletta
Him in Valletta
At the pub where Oliver Reed died.  While you're in there someone will tell you "Ollie Reed died in here ya know" and everyone in there discusses how he died all day, every day.  "Ooh yeh he liked his drink did Oliver Reed" etc etc.
an overly elaborate catholic church
Obligatory nice street shot in Valletta.  Nice isn't it?
In the "Band Club" drinking poor quality coffee
Doing tourist things
Rob lying down at San Anton gardens.  He does that sometimes
Sitting by a pond, but it's a Maltese pond.
totally casual candid photo
overlooking Blue Grotto
At Blue Grotto, photo taken by Mark

Mark actually taking the photo at Blue Grotto


Ħaġar Qim

Ħaġar Qim, megalithic structure. Over 5000 years old.
Ħaġar Qim. constructed with mind bogglingly huge cut rocks of limestone and alligned exactly with the sun in the summer solstice.  All the usual questions of how? why? and who? and was it aliens?
Me embracing Malta
A bay near the famous Golden Bay but this isn't Golden Bay it's called something else that I can't remember but it's nicer than Golden Bay anyway.
Just the sea, but it is Maltese sea.
A building, but it's a Maltese building
View from the hotel room that Rob booked and paid an extra 15 euro for a sea view which I made an effort to view for at least a minute to show my appreciation.
the upmarket part of Malta
Mdina, "the silent city", by night.  Perfectly eerie and atmospheric place to be murdered in a beautifully horrific way
Having coffee and breakfast in Sliema but unfortunately the waitress forgot the orange juice, shall we remind her?  No she'll probably remember when she walks past, oh she hasn't remembered so we'll remind her when we pay the bill and cause confusion over whether we still want the orange juice or not which we don't so no point saying anything now really.
Oh yes and there was a fire at Rob's flat at the very moment I arrived from the airport.  We nearly died but managed to put it out with wet towels and then stood around inside breathing in thick black smoke inspected the extensive smoke damage.  It's all fine though, totally normal.
Just awaiting Rob's photos now.....


R.O.B said...

These photos are absolutely amazing and it's reminded me to upload my own asap......

R.O.B said...

And I need a top 10 list of all attractions seen in 2.5 days