Wednesday, 13 April 2016

worth his weight in gold?

After Man City progressed to the champs league semi finals last night I spotted this on BBC iplayer that says "De Bruyne worth his weight in gold"

  • According to wikipedia Kevin De Bruyne weighs 68kg
  • the current price of gold is £28,400 per kilo
  • So his actual weight in gold is worth £1,931,200 
Now that's a lot of money but in August 2015 Man City signed De Bruyne from Wolfsburg for £55million which means that if he is considered to be worth his transfer fee then he is actually worth 28 times his weight in gold.

By these calculations, despite being shite, bottom of the premier league and definitely relegated, I reckon that Aston Villa players are probably worth their weight in gold!

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Anonymous said...

This is a well reasoned argument. I totally agree.