Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Where do you get your protein???

As a veggie I'm obviously a pastey, undernourished, tree hugging weakling and thus I'm used to all the usual questions such as "but..... what do you eat?", which is fair enough because 95% of all food is meat and rare plant based foods are only just starting to catch on.
So what about that next concerned question....."Well where do you get your protein from?"
Good question, we should look into that.
So here are the stats for protein per 100grams of food, comparing meat to horrible veggie rabbit food;
Ground beef 26g       versus    Soy beans 36g
Pork sausage 12g      versus    Pumpkin seeds 19g
Cod 18g                    versus    Chickpeas 19g
Chicken thighs 24g   versus    Peanut butter 25g
So you greasy meat head carnivores.....are YOU getting enough protein?? I'm worried about you, you do need protein you know!

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R.O.B said...

Is it ethics to eat pumpkin seeds?