Friday, 1 November 2013

Erupting with excitement

Nearly time to whizz off to Costa Rica and Panama. upon arriving in San Jose the first plan is to leave San Jose...... one hour away is Poas volcano, an active volcano that has erupted 39 times in the last 150 years or so, shouldn't be too dangerous to climb to the top then! The two huge craters are filled with lakes of acid, surrounded by dwarf forest and are often puffing out plumes of smoke. Sounds like a great way to start things off to me!
After a couple of days in San Jose we move on to Puerto Viejo to chill on jungle lined beaches, look for jaguars at the nature reserve and eat unlimited chocolate on a tour of one of the cocoa plantations. A few days later we'll be over the Panamanian border in Bocas del Toro where we need a boat taxi to reach our accommodation on an island just off the coast. I'm hoping to zip wire here!  A seven stage jungle canopy zip wire should be exhilarating enough to excuse lying on the island beaches the rest of the time we're there.
Moving on inland again to Boquete the plan is to do a full day of white water rafting on the mountain rivers, a bit of trekking in the cloud forests and if we have time a tour of a coffee plantation to sample the freshest coffee in the world.  Next stop is Santa Catalina for big Pacific surf in shark infested waters, apparently the surf there is consistently world class which means I will probably drown and become shark bait.  Maybe do a bit of snorkeling and squeeze in some lounging around on the beach.  Last stop is Panama City home of the Panama canal where we also plan to explore the city and visit nearby nature reserves.
See ya laters!

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Acidmule said...

Sounds good that dude, enjoy your holiday and I'll catch up with you when you're back.