Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Bass Operator, Operating

5 days of indulging in fantastical Glastonbury madness and my best memories happen to be when we took a break from it all.  Saturday afternoon the three of us climbed up the hill to the highest point of the festival and sat there for a couple of hours drinking beer, looking down on the whole site, chatting shit and listening to the rumble and noise of 200,000 people revelling beneath us.  That different perspective shared with friends was Glasto magic enhanced by a random encounter with some bloke called Ali!

We watched some fella trudge all the way up the hill carrying a guitar and a rather tinny sounding amplifier.  He slowly ambled over, stopped in front of us and started playing a trangin funk groove on his bass and just repeated the same groove over and over again, but repetition is fine you've found the best bassline ever to be heard by a human ear.  A few pauses to swap banter and then back to the groove with some rap type chants thrown in.  The exclusive video above shows a couple of minutes of this legendary performance, THE best act of Glastonbury Festival 2016 played to a small but exuberant crowd of three.

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