Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Sack Adrian Chiles

Tonight's England match against Ukraine was not particularly inspiring but most football loving males will still be keen enough to take in the half time discussions and argue over the post match analysis, and in many cases such as this particular match the punditry is actually more action packed than the game itself. I'll try not to be too nasty and abusive, however difficult that may be, and instead just politely suggest that Adrian Chiles would be better suited to alternative employment such as a job that doesn't require him to present, talk about, or go anywhere near a football. If he must show his pudding face on TV then go back to The One Show or do a daytime show where his cluelessness is not seen by so many people. Why ITV haven't payed off his contract yet is a bigger mystery than the Bermuda triangle, Stonehenge and the length of Emile Heskey's international career.
I'm not the only person who thinks this, the below image is a screenshot taken on my phone immediately after searching 'Adrian Chiles' on twitter, scrolling down further revealed a sea of abuse with not one complimentary comment to be seen.  ITV must surely realise by now they've made a schoolboy error and are employing someone with the personality and characteristics of a potato, they know he's no Gary Lineker so just give him the boot!  Sack the brummie tw4t!  The only thing I can think of in his favour is that great Oscar Wilde quote, and so with that in mind I'll stop talking about him.

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